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Thawing Writer's Block

Feeling like you're trapped in an iceberg?

2/11/2020 - Post--Thinking About Writer's Block-Sally Guynn

There's nothing worse than a brain freeze when you're trying to write, or paint for that matter. But sometimes that's exactly what happens. "How can you thaw yourself?" is the question on the blog table in this post. I'm going to share with you a couple of things I've tried that worked for me pretty well.

A brain freeze or creativity block is not an iceberg. That acknowledgement puts our human condition into perspective. We only have to thaw our tiny little brains out a bit not melt a gigantic iceberg! This is a good thing since most of the iceberg is underwater. That's what makes it so super dangerous, right? And, it's a good thing since it's doable, not impossible.

So ask yourself, "Is there something hidden or looming below my consciousness perhaps that could be contributing to my frozen blockage?" "Have I got too much useless junk littering my brain?" "Do I need to conduct some sort of

brain purge to rid myself of the unimportant, non-urgent stuff sitting there in my neurons soaking up brain bytes of creativity?" Maybe so, especially since all that unimportant, non-urgent clutter spends most of its time pretending to be important and urgent, tricking you to keep pushing your worry button. Note: When the worry button is pushed, it over-rides the creativity button.

On my computer, I have to buy additional space sometimes. Isn't that also like our brains? Perhaps we get more power in our heads to do stuff when we make more room in there. Do you think we need more white space in our brains to make room for the important and urgent stuff AND the creative stuff?

Are you interested in conducting an experiment? If you agree with this wild but possibly very true line of thinking, maybe you're interested in conducting some experiments on yourself to help melt the berg and make the brain happy again. Do you think a happy brain is a more productive brain?

Let me hear your thoughts about why other people, or yourself, may be suffering from writer's block. Then we'll move on to our first experiment on how to thaw things out.

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